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We accompany your organization to create an innovative culture

Companies with high intrapreneurial activity are 83% more likely to increase their revenues

A study by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) indicates that companies that adopt intrapreneurship practices improve their results and are also able to attract and retain talent.

Intrapreneurship is one of the main drivers of innovation that seeks to promote innovation projects through the internal talent of organizations. In its most complete version, it allows even internal professionals to become entrepreneurs or owners (in part) of the ideas they launch on the market.

How can we help you?

4 programs that will help you promote intrapreneurship in your organization.


Innovation Bootcamp

Introduce your team to the culture of innovation.

The innovation bootcamp is a 100% practical express program, where your innovation teams will solve real business challenges.

We will guide your teams to experience first-hand and train in the Design Thinking process.

A unique experience aimed at introducing them to an innovation process that guarantees not only learning, but also inspiration, promotion of an innovative culture and resolution of business problems.

Intrapreneurship project at HP
HP Logo

HP Idea Sprint.  Intrapreneurship at HP (3D and Large Format Printing).

Promote bottom-up innovation in one of the lines of business at a global level


Innovation agents course

Train your team in innovation

The innovation agents course is a 100% practical training program, where your innovation teams will be trained in Design Thinking and Lean Startup, agile and user-centered methodologies.

During 8 sessions of 4 hours each, we will train your innovation teams to understand the user needs behind each business challenge, as well as to propose and develop solutions according to them.

technical innovation office project with TMB
TMB logo

TMB innovates. 
Innovation technical office.

Design of the innovation plan, activation of a Bottom-Up innovation process, and establishment of internal mechanisms for the management of corporate innovation.

In addition, work is being done to promote the skills of all workers in everything related to innovation, through training in agile methodologies.


Experimentation lab

Accelerate projects with the Lean Startup methodology

The experimentation lab is a project acceleration program through validation with users, where your teams will be trained and apply the Lean Startup methodology.

For 2 months, we will accompany your innovation team to define an experimentation plan, the necessary MVP and its testing in real environments to validate the desirability, feasibility and viability of the project.

Innovation audit project at Hospital Clínic
Hospital Clinic Logo

Innovation Audit.  Diagnosis of innovation opportunities.

The hospital wants to promote innovation. For this, a diagnosis of the processes of internal and open innovation was carried out. Interviews were conducted with directors and professionals of the Clinic; and in parallel, a scouting of other reference hospitals was carried out. With all this, areas of opportunity were identified to develop the impact of the innovation that emerged from the Hospital.


Intrapreneurship program

Define and implement your own program

The intrapreneurship program is a comprehensive service to guide and train your teams, from start to finish, throughout the innovation process. Includes training in different agile methodologies: Future thinking, Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Scrum, Canvan.

We ensure that your teams are formed in a practical way, following the complete innovation path, from the definition of challenges to the implementation and management of innovative projects.

Damm intrapreneurship project
Logo Damm

Intrapreneurship at Damm.

Program for diagnosing the level of maturity of innovation, and design and creation of the annual intrapreneurship program aimed at all the company's workers.

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We can get your team to lead your innovation.

Write to us, download our offer of intrapreneurship services and together we will find out how intrapreneurship can help you innovate better.

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