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Trend research

Understand your client, consumer and shopper and the socio-cultural environment in which they belong to identify valuable insights for your business or brand. Learn how to validate and involve the user in your projects to develop a culture of user centricity in your organization.


Design Sprints

We empathize, ideate, prototype and validate in an agile way to reduce the risk of your innovation projects.



We involve your user in the creative processes to generate value solutions for them.


User experience

We analyze the experience of your users and identify both opportunities for continuous improvement and opportunities for disruption.


Trend analysis

We analyze the megatrends, macrotrends and microtrends that impact your business.


Agile innovation cycles

We adapt Design Thinking, Future Thinking, Lean Startup, and Agile Scrum methodologies to ensure that your teams achieve the desired result.



We delve into the validation of hypotheses with your potential client, in each phase of the project, to ensure its success.


User centricity

We analyze the practices of your teams in terms of customer relations and your level of maturity to identify opportunities for improvement.


Market research

We conduct qualitative client research through focus groups, ethnographies, and in-depth interviews.

Clients we work
with in this line:


Cases and readings that we recommend so that you understand how we work in this line.

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