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Innovation with AI

We help organizations introduce AI into their innovation process

In 2023, only 7% of Spanish companies declare using AI. 

Currently, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a central topic in various areas, from industry to education. Its disruptive impact is manifested in the automation of tasks, data analysis and decision making. This technological advancement has created both challenges and opportunities, sparking great interest in understanding its scope and potential.


In the business context,AI is transforming the way organizations operate, providing the ability to identify trends, analyze large volumes of data and develop innovative solutions. This has led to a strategic focus on identifying innovation opportunities through environmental analysis with AI.


Experience with  AI

  • Innovation cycle training through AI in ddifferent sectors

  • Identification of AI solutions for the education sector

  • Co-creation of AI application in the health sector with prohealth professionals

  • Application of AI in different phases of the projects: scouting, challenges, ideation, value proposals, empathy...

  • Training seminars on AI in different forums

  • Knowledge management with our library of tools.

Innovation Tools

In our daily experience we have worked on an organized list of AI tools that can be useful in your Innovation projects. You can enter by clicking on the image.

How can we help you?

Experience a cycle of innovation driven by AI

100% practical training trip of 8 sessions, where your innovation teams will solve a business challenge through methodologies such as Design Thinking, Future Thinking, and Lean Startup, applying different Artificial Intelligence tools that will accelerate the process and boost its results.

Impact of AI on your business

Train all of your workers to help them discover what AI really is, and how it can positively impact them every day.

Development of digital solutions based on AI

We help you develop personalized AI-based applications, based on the needs of your organization, custom-programmed to solve them.

Development of digital solutions based on AI

We integrate Artificial Intelligence services, such as ChatGPT, Automatic Translation, Voice Synthesis and Transcription, Artificial Vision, etc. in our clients' systems or in those developed by us.

Can we help you apply AI in your projects? 

We can streamline your innovation process.

Write to us and together we will find out how AI can help you innovate better.

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