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Social and sustainable innovation

It incorporates a vision of impact through the union between innovation and sustainability. We put all the pieces together so that your innovation initiatives incorporate an impact beyond the business.



We carry out audits in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility to generate your Sustainability Reports.


Circular innovation

We analyze current trends in relation to circularity and create models and action plans focused on this area.


Social and third sector innovation

We help social entities to enhance their innovation capabilities through the definition and activation of their comprehensive innovation model.


Innovation based on taking into account the SDGs

We go beyond the creative concept with the development of prototypes or functional MVP's to test them with the user.


Public innovation

We help public entities to order, define and manage their innovation model to later activate it in their key strategic axes.


Innovation focused on the quadruple helix

We bring together the productive fabric, public administrations, research centers and society to jointly face the innovation challenges of the future.

Clients we work
with in this line:


Cases and readings that we recommend so that you understand how we work in this line.

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